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Why All Writers Should Meditate Daily

If you’re writing a book, or you’re thinking of doing so then there’s at least one daily exercise I’d suggest you engage in. Even if you don’t do any of the others I’ve ever suggested this one is golden. “So what is this mystery exercise…?”


Meditation stills the mind, and when this occurs all sorts of ideas are able to flow in. Writing is a hard craft and mentally fatiguing.

Getting into the habit of practising daily meditation can work wonders on taming that fatigue and purifying the ideas and knowledge that enter your head.

All you need to do is set aside a daily timeframe of say 15 minutes, get into a comfortable position (lying or sitting), then close your eyes and empty your mind of all thoughts. This is easier said than done for a beginner. You will find that all sorts of thoughts pop up and it can be very difficult not to dwell on them.

Fortunately there are many guided meditations out there, which make the process far simpler. Usually the person speaking helps you relax your body by having you focus on the various parts each in turn. Next they might lead you down a spiral staircase counting backwards from ten to one. But remember that all meditations vary. Some are set outside, maybe on the beach, in a boat upon a relaxing lake, or surrounded by the sounds of nature. Others might involve descending in an elevator, focussing on a bright white light, or feeling the suns energy radiate through your crown charka.

Meditation doesn’t have any core goal. Instead it is a technique, or a tool if you like. Writers use meditation to improve their writing, or to develop interesting ideas.

Meditating doesn’t have to mean sitting cross-legged in the middle of a field chanting mantras and looking like an oddball. Many people still believe that to meditate you have to be a zen monk, or some kind of spiritual master. But that is not the case. Anyone can meditate and writers who meditate tend to come up with better ideas, plus they are able to stay more focused on what really matters – getting their book written.

How To Meditate

Sit on the sofa, or on the floor if you prefer, and close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose and as you exhale through your mouth visualise and repeat the number three, three times. Repeat this once more, but as you exhale visualise and repeat the number two three times. And one more time, visualising and repeating the number one three times on the exhale. This should be enough to instigate the process of relaxation. Then simply still your mind and try to refrain from allowing thoughts to enter. At first you will find this very difficult. The trick is to build up the amount of time you spend meditating each day gradually.

Don’t expect to meditate for half an hour on your first attempt. If you can manage just five minutes at first, that’s perfect. Once you have mastered five minutes you can then aim for eight minutes and from there on, all the way up to half an hour. I’d recommend finding the time to meditate every single day until your book is fully written. The benefits meditation provides to us and our minds is simply amazing and since I started meditating two years ago, I now do so three times a day without fail.

Before meditating ask yourself a question you need the answer to about your book. Try to be specific as the real power of this exercise is in the question itself. For example, you might have the general idea for your book decided, but you are wondering how it is going to begin. Ask yourself this question ‘please reveal to me the best way of starting my book.’ There’s no need to say this question out loud. It’s fine to say it to yourself. Once you’ve asked the question try and forget about it. Don’t dwell on it or consciously search for the answer. The answer will come and probably when you least expect it. I have found that answers enter my head at the most unlikely of times, completely out of the blue. Cool hey?!

Happy meditating!

Love & Light

The Word Queen xx

Do You Have An Author’s Mindset?

Do you have an Author’s mindset? If not then it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever get your book written and later published.

You see, the mind is an incredibly powerful part of us and whether we like to admit it or not, it determines our reality.

Whatever you see around you in your life right now…whether you’re rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, surrounded by friends or lonely and miserable…you’ve created it at all. That’s right..YOU!

It’s the same story when it comes to writing your book. If you don’t BELIEVE that you’re capable of writing a book, or if you don’t BELIEVE you deserve to be a published-author and live the dream life that accompanies it, then guess what? You won’t!

You know that little saying that goes ‘seeing is believing’? Well we got it completely the wrong way around…It’s SUPPOSED to be, ‘believing is seeing’. In other words, what you believe in your subconscious mind, you’ll see come true in your reality.

That is why it’s essential to spend some time taking a look at your beliefs. What were you taught about success growing up? Did your parents encourage you to write, or did they nag you to ‘get a proper job’? Did your English teacher praise your creative writing? Or did he/she tell you that you’d never make it as a writer? These moments in childhood are what shape our beliefs in the here and now.

But it’s not too late. You can change them. The trick is pluck out the old weeds (the beliefs that no longer serve you and your writing dreams) and replace them with seeds which do. Over time – sometimes a month, or maybe 3 months – those seeds will then grow into the beautiful flowers that you deserve and you’ll have your first published book in your hand.

So here’s the million dollar question: What next? Well, I’m pleased to have the answer for you. An answer that I KNOW works. How do I know? Because I’ve tried and tested this many times and it ALWAYS works – it NEVER EVER fails.

Ok, ok I’ll get on with it…! Basically, you need to start a daily ‘process’ and you need to do this ‘process’ at least twice a day, although if you can manage three times, even better.

Here are the easy-to-follow steps (we all love steps don’t we?!)

1. You need to make a list of your negative beliefs and switch them into positive, affirmative statements, better known as ‘affirmations’. For example, if one of your negative beliefs happens to be:

“If I’m a successful author my family and friends will get jealous and they won’t want to speak to me anymore.”

Then you’d change that to:

“I’m a hugely successful, best-selling author and my friends and family are delighted to see me doing so well.”

Aim for three affirmations, or more if you happen to have more negative beliefs around your writing.

2. Record yourself saying these affirmations on to a mp3 player, or similar device. Repeat each affirmation at least five times.

3. Now comes the `process’ part. At least twice a day you must

a) meditate for at least 20 minutes. Sit or lie in a relaxed position, close your eyes and empty your mind of thoughts (look out for a future email about how to meditate)

b) spend 5 or 10 minutes envisaging youself as a best-selling author, doing book signings, travelling the globe, speaking to audiences, attending press interviews and photo shoots.

c) repeat your affirmations out loud at least five times each.

d) listen to your audio recording of affirmations.

e) think of a time in your life you’ve been wildly successful, really get into that moment again, turn up all your senses – really FEEL it.

f) now at the height of that feeling repeat your most important affirmation a few more times.

There, now that you have the recipe for success, it’s up to you to put into practise. Consider this. You wouldn’t go a whole day without brushing your teeth would you? Well just make this ‘success process’ as much a part of your routine as brushing your teeth and you’ll be at the top of the Amazon best-sellers list before you know it!

Love & Light

The Word Queen xx

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